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ZbitaSzybka.pl Bydgoszcz iPhone iPad MacBook Repair. How to get to us?

We are proud of our innovative approach to customer service. We provide booking service for our clients. Before you reach the address please call us +48792114444. We will book private appointment for you. You will be served without queue and save a lot of time. Repair service will last even 30 minutes. Customers without reservation must be prepared for a longer service and even the lack of such a possibility. Thank you for choosing ZbitaSzybka.pl

Map ZbitaSzybka.pl Bydgoszcz

Opening hours

Monday –  Friday

10:00 – 18:00


11:00 – 15:00


al. Śniadeckich 24

85-011 Bydgoszcz

Contact us

Customer Service Office – 792 11 44 44

E-mail – bok@zbitaszybka.pl

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